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As Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove” swells, they’re running wildly through the Cinco drinko squad shirt it is in the first place but Chinatown mall, dumping forties on unsuspecting men, shadowboxing in the mirror; the camera zooms in on Park’s hand gripping a thick chain, then she’s smashing a guy’s car in. Another model breaks a bottle over a girl’s head. Elsesser and McMillan step forward as the leaders of rival gangs: “Your girls are really fucking cute, but my girls are bad,” McMillan sneers. It all begins innocently enough: Girls walking purposefully through downtown New York in their knee-high boots, stepping over cracked pavement and waiting for the subway. Then Elsesser is opening a Khaite tote full of graffiti bottles; others are stuffing cash into their thigh-high boots; a few girls smoke outside a bodega and are promptly reprimanded by the owner: “I’ve got my eye on you,” he says, and Tenney angrily tells him off. (I know, this is fiction and it’s a little campy, but it’s hard to imagine this group of women seeming suspicious in their four-figure coats.)

Cinco drinko squad shirt

It’s frenetic and surprisingly violent, with shades of Holstein’s favorite ’70s movies like The Warriors, Taxi Driver, and Klute, glorifying a grittier, long-gone New York. On a Zoom call this morning, Holstein said she wanted the Cinco drinko squad shirt it is in the first place but film to feel like one of those films, but recast with women for a change. (To that point, it was also deeply satisfying to watch them terrorize the men.) She was thinking about her own youth in New York, too, and how she felt pulled toward the city’s darkness and angst more than its glamour. “I moved here to be challenged,” she said. (Anyone who didn’t was likely among the first to flee in the early days of the pandemic.)

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