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I could only order up to 10 burgers at a time, so my Official I’m The Survivor Elf Shirt would send me inside to buy burgers, and they would get 10 from the drive-thru. It was a great way to feed 10 people on the cheap. Multiple cars would come through on the first Friday night of each month and order 30 and 40 at a time for real. And want special orders on a bunch of them. Fuck all that. Shit was crazy. You separate the mc double at the beef patties, with one on each side, and put the chicken in the middle. So you get this big triple-decker thing. We called it the McStoner, but I’ve heard other names.

Official I’m The Survivor Elf Shirt

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I know they’re the ultimate drunk/high munchy food, but Official I’m The Survivor Elf Shirt not having McDonald’s for years, I could never even fathom eating it, especially after going vegetarian and watching one of those documentaries about how they create their food. Check out all the alternate endings. It has a game series, I think it still gets releases. Putting new dark twists on the ending is something of a gimmick for it. If I recall correctly, most of the endings were just as fucked as the original one, especially when one of the girls’ suicides off the building right in front of the MC and his lover. Also, you should check the tree for School days and look for the MC’s father. To say it’s messed up is an understatement.

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