All I want to do is bake Christmas cookies and listen to Iron Maiden shirt, sweater

Tell me a year in England in the 70s wouldn’t have been awesome for an intellectual and talented musician. BrOur state is ranked dead last in most categories and has been run by a Rhodes scholar governor for the last six years. How i wish my wife is alive to keep a watch on my boyMamiejane G Burdick It’s an international scholarship given to study at Oxford. Some politician uses the word ‘boomer’ like that’s something insulting and all the lemmings just fall in line. Fabulous to them LOL well we already know our education system sucks when they removed analog clocks and cursive writing from the schools. Men that say their women are entitled to women scholarships and all women sports. But I can only speak about what I know first hand And 21 of the 32 are women Lisa Patten Pelosi and Democrats passed bill. I have many Patel friends who are also very driven and successful as well.

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I can’t speak for myself as I was an average student and grew up in the US but the kids coming up from South India are insanely intelligent and very hungry and driven. Exactly why the Democrats suffered a devastating defeat in 16 losing the House, Senate, Presidency and 33 state houses. Not at all surprising when you see the result of our education system in the south and the middle of this country. I’m from Alleppey, Kerala so I can only speak on that part of India. Prabhjot Bijral Right I’m sure that’s true but I was speaking from my own experience. Pravin Sitaraman so are from rest of India man,South Indians aren’t special than rest of India.

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