All I need today is a little bit of Michigan Wolverines and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

I don’t need junk and crap, I need necessities and they aren’t doing anyone much good. If you had a worthwhile point you wouldn’t need to throw out a blanket statement that has no bearing on the argument. None of the big employers are giving their employees any protectionWith having Jeff Bezos as the owner you can’t expect any less of him to look after anyone else except for himself while this is happening around the world.  This is what they wanted in the endFor at least the next 5 years this situation will be the question Employees will ask prospective employers at job interviews. I honestly think this would be the very best time for them to both strike and unionize. People are so silly nowadays they want to be paid tons of money for doing a job that requires zero qualifications.  The brand new Amazon warehouse in Michigan has employee’s testing positive and nothing has changed.

Africa. My neighbour works in NHS and he told me that masks are only worn in theatre.

That maybe where you are but not in the Front Line in a major centre.

Anyone less that Superman can not successfully battle that amount of virus ripping into their body. Yeah surely v must stay at home nd brake the chain of this deadly virus so our fellow citizens of world ll b safe. 

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Remember with each order you receive the employee might have tested positive that handled your items. I can see trump or bezos do what regan did with air traffic controllers.  He doesnt owe them anything other than a paycheck for there work those that came to his company asked to be hired and agreed to work at said wage. Im sure the tax that amazon avoids paying in the UK would help the NHS a lot.  The one thing about the virus I like,it don’t care how much money you haveSo giving jobs to people in times of crisis is bad. Leave it out, the poor guy has had to spend lockdown in a $160 million mansion with only ONE home cinema and a measly 2 personal bars. Except Amazon pays every single tax required by law of the UK, otherwise Amazon CEO would be in big trouble with the HMRC.


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