All I need today is a little bit of Doctor Who and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

Christ Illusion was scheduled to be released on “a thousand years old”, June 6, 2006 but not in time, so the group released EP Eternal Pyre including the new song Cult. According to the Western concept, 666 is the number of demons, but this is the favorite number of metal groups. Because of choosing thorny and deadly topics such as war, Hitle’s serial killers, the Holocaust of Slaughter, Slayer is often convicted of fascism, racism or Satan worship in when actually the members of the group are not pure whites. One of the main reasons for condemning Nazi-friendly Slayer was the Angel Of Death, written about Dr. Josef Mengele, who was famously brutal for Jewish prisoners. Ironically, this song was made by Rick Rubin, a prominent Jewish producer.


Fishing Samurai shirt