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It should be done one month before You are responsible for more than 200 people died & more than 5,000 people affected. OK, that’s fine I respect your opinion but I don’t know if I should go to work tomorrow as I don’t think my job is essential but the company I’m working for(as a self employed bricklayer) would agree. Could you carry the burden of the whole country, could any of the above, i doubt it, Labour can’t organise their own party let alone the country.

I love the UK, but you guys are in serious trouble due to this PMThe whole world’s economy will be effected, no point in blaming Boris for this. Johnson is responsible for so many wrong decisions in the past year, its sickening. Good luckYou guys will be so glad about Brexit when everything will come back to normal and the British Economy will be in need of help.


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I’m biding my time hoping they’ll do the right thing and close shop like they should contact your local MP and also the newspapers. If they try to discipline you then sue there assess I seriously agree I don’t know how we get this message to him I’ve emailed Victoria DerbyshireDavid Lewis I want to but they will sack me. It’s breaking my heart you’ve been told by the government not to go to work.

Thinking of all the drug dealers and prostitutes at this time of lockdown NON essential work. Everyone is pretending the government have such an easy task that they could do better. They do not think their job is more important, they simply have no choice.

As you can see people have mixed reactions to my comment which just shows different mentalities which is why it has come to thisThis is only way to safe the public n nation. When the school was coming out parents standing quite close together so it is the only way people were not taking any notice. ThanksIt’s not like there have been other countries affected before it hit the UK so hard.

I tried to add you but it’s not working please try sending me a friend request I just wanna be your friend. Who knew all these people could save the world yet all they do is criticise. And i am working for caffe nero wich did the same thing, before the pm went live, just after the meating.


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