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For young kids living in Smith’s hometown, they won’t have to sneak into one of his shows to get up close and personal with the designer. Smith has been active for years in giving back to his community. He’s donated thousands of dollars to women’s advocacy groups in Dallas like Genesis Women’s Shelter, raising money and donating to students from the Dallas Independent School District with scholarship funds while gifting emerging designers with funds to support their creativity. He said he plans on continuing his love of helping others by paying forward that gesture of empathy McQueen gave him all those years ago. “Emerging creatives have a hard time navigating the come up because of a simple lack of information,” he said. “I make sure people in those communities who reach out to me for mentorship get it. Sometimes it’s simply having someone who cares.”

Official let My Body Hit The Floor Funny T-shirt

Last night, British pop duo Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics were inducted into the 2022 Songwriters Hall of Fame, and it’s certainly about time. Just about everyone knows the lyrics to that song. Sing it with me, “Sweet dreams are made of this.” Over 39 years since it was first released, it’s the smash-hit single that keeps on giving—and there’s not a day that passes by that Lennox isn’t still shocked about its global success. “That song is still going so strongly in the culture,” Lennox tells Vogue just hours before her induction ceremony. “On the day that we manifested that song, I thought that was the end [for us]. I was in such a dysphoric mood that I thought nothing was gonna come of what we’d done.”

Official let My Body Hit The Floor Funny T-s Hoodie

Even so, the success of the Eurythmics persisted, and they went on to release other big hits such as “Here Comes the Rain Again,” “Would I Lie To You,” and “There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart).” Despite her impressive roster of songs, however, don’t go calling the humble Lennox an icon to her face. “It’s funny, I don’t see myself as [an icon,]” says Lennox. “It hasn’t really sunk in.” Given the celebratory feel of the evening, Lennox needed a stellar ensemble for the night, where she performed her single “Here Comes the Rain Again” for the crowd (“It has this beauty and haunting melancholy—it’s introspective and thoughtful,” she says of the song choice). To perform it, she wore a look with purpose: Lennox rocked an outfit courtesy of the Army Navy store—a camouflage jumpsuit—with slogans stitched onto it by the artist Perry Meek. “I have the term ‘Global Feminist’ on the back, a message that I feel very strongly aligns with myself as an activist,” Lennox says. “I also put my name on the leg, and I put ‘Peace, Love and Eurythmics’ on the front, so everybody can see who we are and what we represent.”

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