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That room is also the shape of a perfect circle, with a 22-channel input, making it a particularly rich sonic experience. The experience streams on the site for a week afterward and is free (donations are encouraged). L.A.-based sound healer Susy Markoe Schieffelin is offering near-daily virtual sound baths and sound meditations for live streaming or listening after the fact. Some sessions combine the sound with a kundalini practice, while all include a dose of Reiki energy—Schieffelin is a certified master—to magnify their healing impact.

Nice ufqwl0vmg8h5z5ts7fn7 T-shirt

Ibiza-based sound healer Jeremie Quidu has conducted a special sound bath experience for the audio technology company, run through its neurologically stimulating sound software. Could a session leave you smarter as well as more relaxed? Tune in to find out. Normally an in-person, all-night experience (that’s taken place from Joshua Tree to Mexico City), Secular Sabbath has curated a YouTube channel that hosts sound baths among other offerings that range from Diplo-endorsed playlists to restorative yoga live streams.

Nice ufqwl0vmg8h5z5ts7fn7 T-s Hoodie

New York’s go-to sound healer is a busy man these days, between his residency with Manhattan mindfulness startup MNDFL and his own practice. Between the two, he’s hosting several live and downloadable sound experiences per week, which incorporate gongs, bowls, Shruti boxes, and the sound of his own voice. Husband-and-wife duo Eliza and Josh Peck broadcast an hourlong experience every Sunday from their circular ceremony space, which features a unique binaural audio capture device designed to “really make it feel like you’re in the room with us,” Eliza says.

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