2020 the year of boo sheet shirt

2020 the year of boo sheet shirt

Five years old me had a meltdown. I would not believe that my name was Merideth. I fought with the teacher saying that it wasn’t my name and refused to do the assignment. After all I needed to learn how to write my name. My parents had to be the ones to explain that my full name was Merideth. Suddenly we heard this strange sound, like a woman screaming. Derek’s house was on 5 acres and backed up to the Pike National Forest, so we never heard people and hearing this sound was really eerie. Derek jumped up to see if the security lights had been triggered by movement but all was dark. He theorized that the wind, which was howling around the house like something from a gothic novel, had lifted the storm door, which shrieked on its hinges. Almost immediately, we heard Jax just losing his mind down in the dog run. To be honest, I had learned to kind of ignore him over the years (after so many false alarms), and the labs were similarly unimpressed. But Derek decided to go down and see what had so upset the little guy. The entrance to the dog run was through a sliding glass door, with a porch light on the right as you stepped out, and the dog run extending about 40 feet to the left. Derek built it himself out of wood and chicken wire. As he stepped outside and his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the floodlight, Jax ran in front of him, still barking furiously, and then Derek saw something he couldn’t immediately make sense of.

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2020 the year of boo sheet shirt

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We went back downstairs to investigate how all of this ended up in the dog run (and we also had to get rid of the small deer carcass as the cat would surely return for it). Derek was able to heave it over the 4-foot barrier and into the snow and we could see where the cougar had apparently chased the poor thing straight into the fence, actually crashing through it. We don’t know if the sound we heard— the woman screaming— was the call of the cougar, or the last sound that little deer made. The next morning, all that was left were a few bloody paw prints. Boo found the remains of the deer a few days later, buried under some tree branches and dried leaves. All that remained were hooves and a skull. I had a married male friend who wanted to use my apartment for sexual activity with another woman. He had the gall to ask me for a key so that he could bring his “two hour dates” to my apartment during the day while I was at work. I never gave him a key. I was also friends with his wife. On top of that, I didn’t want him rolling around on my sheets and covers leaving cum stains on my bed. Hell no! I would have prefered that he found a hotel to fool around with his boo thang and leave me out of his extramarital affairs.