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“Indoor-home air quality will be top of mind for the foreseeable future,” says Justin Seidenfeld, founder of Canopy, an innovative new humidifier brand. “People are spending so much time at home, and they’re investing, not only into making it look like an oasis, but also in making it as healthy and safe as possible.” The 2020 is elfed up gnome sayin’ sweatshirt saw its online sales jump 105% in spring 2020, compared to the same period a year earlier. The London-based label was founded by Nina Porter in 2018 as a side gig. “My very first piece was more of an experiment,” says Porter, who is primarily a filmmaker. “I did my degree in fine art, and I’ve always been interested in making; I’m very dexterous. I was broke at the time and thought, How can I make something in two days, rather than in a month, like with a film?”

2020 2020 is elfed up gnome sayin’ sweatshirt

But is the marketing of purified air for your home just that, marketing? Or can it actually have a positive, and perceptible, impact on your health? Experts say yes and no. L. James Lo, Ph.D., a professor of architectural engineering at Drexel University who studies the health effects of indoor ventilation, says air purifiers can help in reducing the infectivity of aerosolized viruses. “An air purifier removes particles, and aerosolized viral droplets are very small particles,” says Dr. Lo. How much they can help depends on their CADR, or “clean air delivery rate,” meaning, as Dr. Lo explains, the equivalent of how much fresh air is being delivered into a space. “The downside here is that air purifiers can only be very effective in small spaces,” he adds. (This downside feels less negative when you consider the size of most New York City apartments.) Purvi Parikh, MD, an allergist with Allergy & Asthma Network, adds that while HEPA filters (the high-efficiency filters found in most of the fancier devices on the market) add a critical layer of protection, they are not foolproof. “Moreover, unless there’s a large amount of virus in the 2020 is elfed up gnome sayin’ sweatshirt and larger droplets, the purifier may not help as some viral particles may be too small for a HEPA filter, especially if aerosolized,” explains Dr. Parikh. She says that from a COVID standpoint, filtering the air in your home is certainly good, but less of a necessity than limiting visitors, wearing a mask, and frequently hand-washing. Both Dr. Lo and Dr. Parikh agree that opening windows and doors to circulate air can provide a risk reduction similar to most air-purification devices.

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